VOLTA Spark — The Only Charging Cable for All Your Devices

Welcome VOLTA Spark, your last stop to solve all your charging needs. De-clutter your life and save yourself hundreds of dollars every year buying new but weak charging cables. VOLTA Spark is a truly universal magnetic charging cable that would last you for a lifetime. Built with premium military-grade materials and improved physical features, VOLTA Spark can withstand the tugs and snaps that destroy other cables.

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Fast Charge

With an 18k gold-plated copper core plug, 24 AWG copper wires, and embedded VOLTA smart chips, you will enjoy blazing charging speed across multiple devices.

Easy connection

The two rare earth N52- Grade Neodymium magnets have a 360-degree orientation to provide a stable and powerful connection.


The magnetic connection between the cable and the tip attached to your phone acts as a trip and snag safety feature.

One Cable for all devices

VOLTA Spark will charge all your devices, saving you the trouble of having multiple cables for different devices. Now, you can have space for other things that matter.

Preorder now on INDIEGOGO

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